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Liberal Party

Liberal Party



The Liberal Party is a new political platform, one that is focused on individual rights, and lessening the role and interference of the government in our lives.

The platform aims to keep people free, ensure the free flow of ideas, and allow for greater socioeconomic movement, among other things.


The platform is listed here Liberal Party Platform. They are listed in order of significance. The prefixes PF# denote the order in which I wrote them and have no bearing on significance.


If you choose to read a summary or analysis of this; at the very least take the time to read it yourself before drawing conclusions.

Those who editorialize this will change its meaning. Our existence is one filled with classifications and categorizations; created consciously and subconsciously under heavy influence. Perception is a knife we use to cut up the world, and editors make it their job to skillfully wield this knife to cut the world into what they want.

If this invokes anything within you, take the time to cut it apart yourself.

The greatest accomplishments of American society have been those which resulted in the expansion of rights of its citizens. The Bill of Rights, abolition of slavery, suffrage regardless of sex or race, the civil rights movement, marriage equality. When have we ever looked back endearingly at a time when our rights were limited?

Our rights are not only limited by the explicit word of law, but also by its complexity. Can we consider an activity accessible when it requires highly specialized knowledge in order to stay within the law?

We urge to limit those who we hate, and we hate those who we do not understand. It can be easy to view the world as an evil place, but true evil is extraordinarily rare. The inability to understand the motives of your enemies is a fault purely of your own. We live in a period of great polarization driven by the over-simplification and demonization of the motives of those we view as our enemy. Limiting others always results in limiting yourself.

Like most, I have a gut reaction to news and policy, and frequently after considering my initial thoughts and feelings I find them hypocritical and without basis. I created this for my personal use, to make sense of my political beliefs. This framework is the knife I use to cut up the world. I revise as truths are made clear to me. Take as needed. Forgive.