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Liberal Party Platform

  1. (PF01): Absolute freedom is our natural state.
  2. (PF02): Freedom of expression and the free flow of ideas is paramount.
  3. (PF06): Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of the individual and society.
  4. (PF09): We are entitled very little.
  5. (PF03): Government is a necessary evil that must provide value greater than the liberty sacraficed at its expense.
  6. (PF11): A government cannot exempt itself from the laws it holds it’s citizen to.
  7. (PF04): Favor simplicity over complexity.
  8. (PF12): Our environment forms our culture, and us.
  9. (PF05): Policy should allow for greater freedom of movement and socioeconomic mobility.
  10. (PF10): Policy should allow for equal treatment of indiviudals under the law.
  11. (PF07): Pragmatism over idealism.